PS5 comes up with astonishing surprise for fans. Read to know full details regarding its price and pre-order.


Finally done! Sony has finally unveiled the eagerly awaited console at the PS5 reveal event on 11 June by quenching their curiosity as to what can be expected in the upcoming PlayStation 5 along with various titles which would be available with console after its release which is post the holiday 2020. But the company has planned other things up its sleeve to surprise the buyers as it introduces its digital-only version of PlayStation 5 along with its standard version. Now that was unexpected!

Design and Features:

As to its designing, the standard version is introduced in a sleek white and black design that matches the new Dual Sense controller included in the box. Whereas, the digital version called ‘PS5 Digital Edition’ is quite similar to the standard version, except for the fact of it being a bit thinner as the PS5 Digital Edition does not include a 4K Blu-ray drive.

Coming to its specific features, PS5 Digital Edition lacks a disc slot and therefore we find one button less on the front of the console as it does not require a disc eject button which shows that the digital version will depend completely on the online PlayStation Store for games. For now, Sony has only revealed the design for this version of the gaming console and there is a possibility of the rest of the specifications being the same on both versions.

How much would it cost?

Although the company has not given a definite price or release date, PS5 Digital Edition is anticipated to be a bit on the cheaper side than the standard version due to removal of 4K Blu-ray drive. Except for this, we cannot name the price until and unless Sony reveals it.

PS5 Pre-Order:

Unfortunately the company has not started any sort of pre-orders for PS5 and it is expected to get started by this month end. Yet, for those who wish to be notified can sign-up for email notifications on Best Buy, Target, and GameStop.


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