iMac getting a MAKEOVER!! APPLE to unveil the new design at WWDC: iPad Pro design language, slimmer bezels and much more


It was high time Apple gave its iMac a makeover. It last got redesigned years earlier, with minor changes here and there later. Now, it’s getting a whole new look.

Recently, Sonny Dickson confirmed this in a tweet that read “New iMac incoming at WWDC. iPad Pro design language, with Pro Display like bezels. T2 chip, AMD Navi GPU, and no more fusion drive.”



WWDC stands for the World Wide Developers Conference, which is a yearly meet-up of software developer companies. It starts on Monday, June 22, this year.

Apple is gearing up for this upcoming event and has an exciting future planned to bring about a change in the field of technology. It has many announcements to make, one of which is the redesigning of iMac.

iMac getting redesigned


At WWDC, it will unveil the new look of iMac. The launch date is still unknown. Although that will be soon, yet the shipping might take some time, given the global situation.
As per the reports, it comes with a 12-core 5nm ARM processor. If you look at its picture, it almost looks like an iPad Pro, just with an attached stand.

Moreover, there are two variants available. The new 23-inch version takes over the former 21.5-inch one while the 27-inch version remains intact. The slimming of the bezels opens a lot of design options for iMac. But we’ll see what Apple has in mind.

Business Insider

Finally, the company is getting rid of the spinning drive or the fusion drive, and an all flat storage will take its place. Apart from this, its GPU is also getting upgraded. No CPU upgrades were mentioned in Sonny’s tweet.

As far as the price is concerned, it will be above $1099. It only makes sense as the regular iMac costs $1099 and is pretty outdated.

Now there are few questions. Firstly, What about iMac Pro? Will Apple refresh its design too? If not, it will be outdated when placed with the new iMac version. We’ll have to wait for the launch event.


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