What? A Privacy Lawsuit against Google for Tracking Users even in Incognito Mode.

What? A Privacy Lawsuit against Google for Tracking Users even in Incognito Mode.

The gigantic search engine Google in a shocking turn of events facing a $5 billion class-action lawsuit. Why is it so? Answering this inevitable question, the search engine company is accused of compiling the user data via Google Ad Manager and Google Analytics, among other applications. Both the website and mobile applications are included without any consideration of whether a user has voluntarily clicked on Google-supported ads or not. The lawsuit has been filed in the federal court of San Jose in California.

According to this filed complaint, Google is using this data in order to learn about private browsing habits of Chrome users which range from unimportant data that can be used for merely ad-targeting which includes information regarding hobbies, interests and favorite foods and the likes to the ‘most intimate and potentially embarrassing things’ that people may search online. This certainly comes as an outrageous shock to users.

What has been done by the search engine company so far?

Back in 2019, Google endeavored to make things better by introducing Chrome 76, which was released in July 2019 with a peculiar update that allowed blocking the websites from using  FileSystem API for detecting whether a consumer was opting for Chrome’s general mode or Incognito mode. But unfortunately, things did not work as expected. Google yet again promised to work on blocking detections for the incognito mode in August 2019. However, it failed to live up to it yet again as the incognito mode was still possible to ascertain incognito mode in Chrome along with Opera, Brave, Edge, and Vivaldi which commonly shares the Chrome’s codebase core.

And therefore coming to the present scenario, Google faces the lawsuit against much needed and deserving web privacy. Not leaving a chance to prick, rival DuckDuckGo promoted its technology and privacy by tweeting, “Incognito mode isn’t private. It never was. DuckDuckGo is private. Will always be.”

What? A Privacy Lawsuit against Google for Tracking Users even in Incognito Mode.

We cannot overcome or prevent advertisers from tracking users’ data simply by stopping incognito mode detection as the advertisers would possibly take their chances with other resources such as IP addresses to get their work done.

However, we can obviously conclude that it will help Google earn some goodwill among its users.

And so, it is yet to be seen how Google deals with this serious issue of privacy before rival search engines start taking its place by assuring the important element of web privacy to its users.


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