Disgusting Social Media Trend Named “George Floyd Challenge” Performed by White Kids!!!

Disgusting Social Media Trend Named

It is heart-breaking and, at the same time, disgusting to see today’s youth re-enacting an incident leading to serious protests against racial injustices. 

A social media trend has emerged on Snapchat, termed as the “George Floyd Challenge”. Dozens of kids and teenagers have been posting photos where they can be seen kneeling down on their friend’s neck. 

Facebook and Twitter have already banned such hashtags. But it is still ongoing on TikTok. 

The audacity of these kids doesn’t end here. They are happily posing for these photographs with a smile on their face. Most of them are white males. 

Disgusting Social Media Trend Named "George Floyd Challenge" Performed by White Kids!!!

The images are as if mocking at the tragic death of George Floyd, who died on May 25. George died due to the brutality of officer Derek Chauvin who had put his knee on his neck for eight minutes, ignoring his cries. 

Since then, there have been violent protests all over the USA, claiming justice for Floyd. People are asking to revise the norms and come up with strict rules to get a hold on such crimes based on social prejudices. The officers guilty for Floyd’s death are in custody.

People have highly condemned the photographs, demanding punishment for such deeds. While most of the videos and photographs have been taken down, the screenshots reveal that most of them were posted on Snapchat and Tiktok.

Incidences reported till now.

Three teenagers have been arrested in Newcastle on hate crime charges after posting such images. 

Disgusting Social Media Trend Named "George Floyd Challenge" Performed by White Kids!!!

Two high school girls who had enrolled for the University of Missouri got their names struck out after posting a related video. 

Another incidence reported is that of Brisbane private school St Joseph’s College Gregory. Two kids filmed a video in which they imitated the death of George Floyd.

The location of many other posts is still being traced to punish the culprits. However, it is really shameful to look at kids blatantly laughing at social injustices.


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