Shocking news! Tesla Model 3 on ‘Autopilot mode’ crashes into a truck on Taiwan Highway


I assume that all of you must have already heard about Tesla model 3. If you didn’t, then here I am to help you catch up! Scroll down to know more.

The news of a white Tesla model 3 running on ‘Autopilot mode’ crashing into a truck is circulating through the internet. The driver reportedly put the car on autopilot mode. There was a truck overturned in between two lanes on the Taiwan Highway.


Neither the driver, nor the Tesla sources saw it coming. The roof of the truck opened to the coming traffic, after getting overturned. As a result, the car smashed into the roof of the truck. Luckily, no one is reported to be injured in this accident.

The impact of the force was so great that the truck shook as reported by SETN, a Taiwan news portal. Apparently, the electric brake system of the vehicle turned active but it still took time for the vehicle to come to a halt. Thousands of Tesla owners came forward to report their experiences of close calls with the ‘Autopilot mode’.

There was a huge damage caused to the front part of the Tesla vehicle. The incident took place on 31st May, 2020. It occurred early in the morning on Sunday. The main reason, for incidents like Driver-assist vehicles to hit stationary objects is because of them trying to reduce false-positive braking.

But this is a gentle reminder to all drivers that they always have to be attentive even on ‘Autopilot mode’ and take control over the car whenever necessary to avoid excessive damage.

Thankfully, nothing happened to the drivers of both the vehicles. Hopefully, accidents like these shouldn’t occur frequently. So guys, what do you think we should do to reduce the occurrence of accidents? Drop your ideas in the comments.


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