Is it a dead-end for “Fetty Wap” and “Leandra Gonzalez” After a year of Marriage??

Is it a dead-end for "Fetty Wap" and "Leandra Gonzalez" After a year of Marriage??

Divorce bells are ringing for singer Fetty Wap after he reportedly cheated on his wife Leandra Gonzalez. Turns out Gonzales is all set to separate from her husband though there is no confirmation about the rumor from Fetty Wap himself.

The pair got married this fall which was quite a surprise as the pair wasn’t together for that long a time. In a recently deleted post on Instagram, Leandra had mentioned changing her name to Mrs. Maxwell as wap’s real name is Willie Maxwell II. She, however, has been talking about the divorce for quite some time now. Another deleted Instagram post revealed that Gonzalez had asked to file for divorce within two weeks after making her marriage legal with wap though it didn’t have to do anything with the cheating rumors then.

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Photos of Fetty Wap with a mysterious woman surfaced this Christmas which made the internet and his wife believe that we were indeed cheating. Not only did the photo surfaced, but there was also a video too that showed wap eating at a restaurant with the mystery woman.

Is it a dead-end for "Fetty Wap" and "Leandra Gonzalez" After a year of Marriage??

Fetty Wap’s relationship with the mother of his daughter, Khari that is, his ex-wife isn’t that great either. Masika Kalysha took to Instagram to post that she doesn’t want wap to be around her daughter and hasn.t met him in a long time. She was very upset when wap posted a picture of their daughter on Instagram without her permission.

Considering the information available as of now, it looks as if Fetty wap’s marriage with Leandra Gonzalez has reached a dead-end. A valid confirmation from both the ends will indeed make the speculations clearer. Until then stay tuned for we will be back with more updates as soon as they are available.

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