Is Bella Hadid Really in TOUCH with ‘The Weeknd’?? Is Something Fishy Between them After Breakup?

Is Bella Hadid Really in TOUCH with 'The Weeknd'?? Is Something Fishy Between them After Breakup?

So here is breaking news for all of us. After getting separated from each other in August 2019, discussions are going on regarding the reunion. Yes, it is true. There are sayings that Bella Hadid and Weeknd that is Able Tesfaye are in talks once again after a long time period.

The 23-year-old model met Weeknd in 2015. The purpose was for the album – Beauty behind the madness by Abel. But after that, in 2016, they separated. Then in 2017, Able started dating some other girl. But Bella and Able reunited again.

But in 2019, again, there was separation. Finally, the news is there that they are United once again. This is great news for many of the fans who were waiting for this.

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Well, it was not Able who was started. Talks were ended from Bella’s side because she wanted to focus on her career at that time.

WHAT’s THE ACTUAL MATTER Between Bella Hadid and the Weeknd?

Now Bella is with her pregnant sister and mother at their farmhouse in Pennsylvania. And reports are there that both of them – Able and Bella were spotted together. So the old love still exists between them.

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Her mother, Yolanda Hadid, said that Able was in touch with our family since 2015. And they are close friends from then only. Able has a good relationship with our family as well. They are just friends nothing more, and now is the time that they mat to focus on their career and build it up instead of involving In all these.

Well, for how much time will they remain United is a matter of time. When they have separated earlier, many fans were confident that they had been separated for meeting again. We hope that now they remain together, and their careers also move in proper directions. Let us pray for them and hope that we will see this lovely couple together for long.


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