Actress “Debra Messing” has drawn backlash after posting image linking “President Donald Trump” to “Adolf Hitler”.


Tuesday morning, Will and Grace star Debra Messing posted a tweet comparing President Donald Trump’s photo-op at St. John’s church to an edited image of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler appearing to show a Bible in a similar pose.

However, Messing was slammed by critics, many of them pointing out pointed out that the image of Hitler was actually edited from the original photograph, which showed the dictator raising his hand without holding any book.

Actress "Debra Messing" has drawn backlash after posting image linking "President Donald Trump" to "Adolf Hitler".

“Hollywood elites: anyone holding a Bible is Hitler! This is idiocy,” said Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas.

Similar to Messing, several celebrities are being vocal about their dislike towards Trump’s rule, but the former used the social media platform to express her hatred towards the current president using a photoshopped image, and it isn’t going down too well for her. Soon after she tweeted the picture, which has come under fire, Twitter users took to the platform to ask the actress to get her facts right. While one of them wrote, “Thank you for proving, once again, that liberal celebrities have ZERO critical thinking skills and constantly promote lies. Please, keep going because you’re exposing all of ‘you’!”

Actress "Debra Messing" has drawn backlash after posting image linking "President Donald Trump" to "Adolf Hitler".

“You DO realize the Hitler photo is a fake, don’t you?  It was photoshopped you mindless twit,” added another. Meanwhile, showing no mercy, another commented, “You are possibly the dumbest person on twitter. Literally sharing fake photoshopped images.” Sharing the original picture of Hilter, one wrote, “Like everything made by Hollywood, this is fake. Here’s the original on the left.”

Besides being slammed for propagating the wrong message, her post also served as a reason for the internet to turn it into memes.

After all this, she was trolled so much.

And the internet is flooded with all this type of idiotism shown by her without confirming the truth photograph how can a celebrity like her, do this?


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