The ‘To Do List’ Co-Actors ‘Bill Hader’ and ‘Rachel Bilson’ Dating?

The 'To Do List' Co-Actors 'Bill Hader' and 'Rachel Bilson' Dating?

Bill Hader and Rachel Bilson were spotted having coffee together in Bill’s hometown, Tulsa, Oklahoma on Saturday 21st December 2019. With the rumors of the celebs seeing each other starting to spread around and at the same seeing them together in the Barry actor’s hometown, which makes it pretty convenient for us to put both of those events together and believe that the rumors about the couple are true and to cease our doubts completely, customers have told that the couple were seen with Hader’s family members too. All these indicate serious relationship progress.

Bill Hader and Rachel Bilson were first seen together on the screens where they were co-actors of the movie The To Do List which was directed by Maggie Carey who as then the wife of Bill.

The 'To Do List' Co-Actors 'Bill Hader' and 'Rachel Bilson' Dating?

Bill and Maggie were married to each other for 12 twelve long years before splitting up in the year 2018. They have three children together Hannah, 10, Harper, 7, and Hayley, 5.

Bill Hader had earlier expressed his distress over not spending more time with his three daughters, further explaining how he could only spend a maximum of five days with them during the summer and how it makes him feel terrible to do that to his kids. He also unlocked the status of his relationship with his ex-wife, opening up about them deciding to remain friends and be good parents for their daughters by sharing a joint physical and legal custody over them.


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