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PAC-MAN 256 mod apk is a modified version of the original PAC-MAN game with some new features and gameplay. The objective of the game is still the same, which is to eat all the dots in the maze and avoid being caught by the ghosts. However, there are some new elements in the game that make it more challenging and exciting.

One of the new features in PAC-MAN 256 is the introduction of power-ups. These power-ups can give PAC-MAN special abilities that can help him escape from the ghosts or eat them. There are also new types of ghosts that are more difficult to avoid.

About PAC-MAN 256 Mod Apk

This is a modded version of the classic PAC-MAN mod apk. It has been modified to include new features and gameplay elements. The objective of the game is still the same – to eat all the dots in the maze and avoid being caught by the ghosts. However, there are now 256 different mazes to choose from, and each one is more challenging than the last. The game also features new power-ups and other items that can help you survive in the mazes.

PAC-MAN 256 mod apk is an excellent port of the classic arcade game. It features beautiful graphics and smooth gameplay. If you’re a fan of the original PAC-MAN, then you’ll definitely enjoy this modded version. However, if you’re not familiar with the game, then I would recommend trying the original PAC-MAN first. Either way, PAC-MAN 256 mod is a great game that is sure to provide you with hours of fun.


The objective of the game is to score as many points as possible by eating pellets, fruits, and ghosts. The player controls Pac-Man through a maze, consuming pellets as he avoids ghosts. If any of the ghosts touches Pac-Man, he loses a life. When all lives are lost, the game ends.

There are four different types of ghosts:

Blinky, the red ghost, chases Pac-Man.

Pinky, the pink ghost, tries to ambush Pac-Man from the front.

Inky, the blue ghost, mirrors Blinky’s movements.

Clyde, the orange ghost, is erratic and unpredictable.

Fruits are occasionally found in the maze and provide bonus points when eaten. Power pellets enable Pac-Man to eat ghosts, temporarily turning the tables on his pursuers. There are also four “super pellet” power-ups that render Pac-Man invulnerable to ghosts for a brief period of time and allow him to turn them blue, enabling him to eat them for bonus points.

The game’s mazes are randomly generated, and the player must continuously eat pellets and avoid ghosts in order to survive. There is no way to “win” the game, as the mazes go on forever and get increasingly difficult as the player progresses. The challenge lies in achieving the highest score possible.


The game has been modded to include a number of new features and gameplay mechanics not present in the original game.


In addition to the standard power-ups, there are four new power-ups that can be found in the maze:

The Laser Power-Up allows Pac-Man to shoot lasers from his eyes, which can be used to destroy ghosts and pellets.

The Bomb Power-Up allows Pac-Man to drop bombs, which explode after a few seconds and damage any ghosts caught in the blast radius.

The Freeze Power-Up turns all ghosts blue, allowing Pac-Man to eat them for bonus points.

The invincibility Power-Up makes Pac-Man invincible to ghosts for a brief period of time.

These power-ups can be found in randomly generated locations throughout the maze and are only available for a limited time before they disappear.


The game’s graphics have been significantly updated, with the maze and ghosts being rendered in 3D. The camera angle can be zoomed in or out, and the player can choose to play from a first-person or third-person perspective.

Sound effects

The game’s sound effects have been updated, with new sounds for eating pellets, ghosts, and power-ups.


The game now features local multiplayer for up to four players. Players can cooperate or compete with each other in order to achieve the highest score possible.

Features of PAC-MAN 256 Mod Apk

Unlimited lives

Unlimited coins

Unlimited power-ups

Unlock all mazes

No ads

Download PAC-MAN 256 Mod Apk

The PAC-MAN 256 Mod Apk can be downloaded for free from the link below. This mod includes all of the features listed above, as well as a number of bug fixes and performance improvements.

How to Install PAC-MAN 256 Mod Apk

1. Download the PAC-MAN 256 Mod Apk from our site

2. Copy the file to your Android device.

3. Navigate to Settings > Security and enable Unknown Sources.

4. Install the APK file.

5. Launch PAC-MAN 256 and enjoy!

Final Words

So this article is about PAC-MAN 256 Mod Apk if you are a PacMan fan and want to try some new stuff then Install this game and enjoy!

What's new

Minor bug fixes

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